Bringing human experience to design and storytelling

A women's self-help group in Yavatmal District, Maharashtra

I'm a design strategist with Hyperakt, a social impact design agency based in, Brooklyn. I build and guide strategic visions to inform the creative process.

In the past, I've worked with: 

Wello, a social enterprise based in Mumbai that designs affordable innovations for the poor. As part of the early team, I used design thinking to lead user ethnographic research, social impact measurement, and business development to drive the prototyping & distribution of the WaterWheel.

NY+Acumen, a New York-based volunteer chapter dedicated to learning and sharing Acumen's principles and approach to creating a world beyond poverty. I worked with the leadership team to raise more than $30,000 at Acumen's 10th anniversary celebration. 

Design & Digital Strategy

Brand Strategy
I facilitate workshops and conversations to identify and build compelling brand identities for leading social impact organizations. 

Content Strategy & User Experience
I translate human needs' and behaviors into seamless,  efficient, and inspiring digital experiences. 

Design Thinking & Social Innovation

Human-centered Design Methodology
I think a lot about how people can be better incorporated and involved in every step of solving important problems. 

Ethnographic Research
I love observing people in their natural habitat. When done effectively, observation and smart dialogue can help unearth startling and fascinating insights.

Writing & Storytelling

You can find my writings and ramblings all over the interwebs if you google hard enough. But I'll spare you the trouble and point you to the ones worth a glance on my blog.